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Contract / Collaborative Development & Consulting

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What We Offer

Our team has done some amazing work with Android and Linux. We have experience on both Android-x86 & Bliss OS projects, as well as Waydroid project, and many more related to not just PC hardware, but your typical mobile device targets as well. We are able to bring you and your team the best of what the community has to offer when it comes to innovative development ideas and resources. 

Collaborative Development

We are known for taking development to the next level, and want to offer our experience in a form others can use. We offer clients the opportunity to learn from our work and use some of the tools we use to get the job done. If you are interested in our collaborative development, feel free to reach out.

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Contract Development

With all the work we do for Android on ARM & x86, as well as Linux, you can have the combined experience of our team for contract development at a rate that works for you. An Open-Source rate for projects that intend to release as GPL/Apache, or a private / proprietary rate for projects are targeting private or closed-source projects.

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Development Consulting

If you are planning to release a product, or just starting and need help to get things moving, we are here to help. We utilize our combined experience help provide clarity to help pave the path for your vision, and will work to make sure your project is a success. 

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Our Capabilities

When it comes to trusting the work you have to others, it helps to know that the team has the experience to not just understand, but excel at developing your project. Because of our experience and focus on automation, we have faster turnaround times than the competition, as well as better usability when the work is done. 

Operating System Customization

We offer custom development for API's, branding changes, UI theming and custom feature development for both Linux and Android based operating systems. 

BSP Development & Customization

We can work with the Binary Support Packages and driver solutions your hardware vendors provide, and help realize your teams' vision for your devices.

Kernel and Driver Configuration

We can help realize the full potential your hardware is capable of. We offer a wide range of solutions for sensor and light HALs, audio drivers, camera sensor drivers, video & display drivers and configuration, wireless and networking drivers.

OS Updates, Firmware, and Middleware

We can help with system architecture design and implementation for middleware or firmware delivery, as well as OS update rollouts. We can also helo in server configuration and automation testing for your updates. 

Our Products

Bliss Bass

Bliss Bass (Broad Apparatus Support System) is a highly configurable open-source OS based on Android-x86 and Bliss OS, and it works with most Windows, ChromeOS & Linux PC hardware, designed to be easily customized and rebranded for your specific project needs. This system comes in many variations, offering Desktop, Gaming, Kiosk and Lockdown modes for various applications and use-cases. 

Lockdown & Kiosk Mode builds also come with the ability to boot into Admin mode, allowing easy and secure setup or management of the device.

Our Bass toolkit is used to automate customizing the features, packages, options, launcher modes, along with everything else avaialble in our Bass builds. Using command-line and menu-driven interfaces to make easy work of rebranding and fine-tuning your builds to be just what you are looking for. 

Check out the Bass site for more

Restricted Launcher

Unlock a more secure and customized kiosk experience with our Restricted Launcher (available in our Bass builds).

Restricted Launcher is a Kiosk Mode launcher that uses device management policies to secure app access, festures and auto-launching across multiple displays. It also works with the Lockdown mode built into our Bass builds and provides the ability to manage the app settings securly via a password protected interface.

Only allow access to the apps you allow on your kiosk or multi-display stations

Customize the UI to align with your brand and preferences, including background colors, branding images, and password-protected access.

Specify up to 4 apps to automatically launch on different displays, ensuring a focused and tailored user experience.

Supports up to 4 displays, depending on hardware, for maximum versatility.

Allows full configuration and setup while in Admin mode and locks access to settings while in Lockdown mode. 

Kiosk Launcher

Our Kiosk Launcher is a system-level kiosk mode solution, focused on single-display applications and works with the Lockdown mode built into our Bass builds. Our Kiosk launcher provides a more typical Android launcher experiance and allows you ro setup apps and settings locked behind a password of your choice. Kiosk Mode builds also come with the ability to boot into Admin mode, allowing the ability to setup and manage the Kiosk.

Available in our Bass builds

Bliss Ethernet Manager

Our Ethernet Management API for Android allows system-level control of multiple Ethernet interfaces, and provides an easy to use application interface for managing networks on the device

Available in our Bass builds

Companies We Work With

Our Pricing

Open Source

Projects intended to be released as open-source once completed


Development process Includes phased approach

  • Full Git Attribution
  • Open-Source License Consulting
  • Process Considerations for Open-Source
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Projects intended to be kept private or proprietary 


Development process adaptive to your needs

  • Full Git Attribution
  • Will integrate into existing source solutions
  • Process Considerations for proprietary IP
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • And More
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For those that want to learn how to work with the source and tools we use


+ licensing fees for tools

One-on-one cooperation with your team

  • Full Git Attribution
  • Access to platform specific build tools
  • Process Considerations for Collaborative Development
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For companies and individuals that would like help planning and or executing a project


Consulting includes planning and R&D projects

  • Analysis Documentation
  • Architecture Documentation
  • Process Planning
  • Process Automation  Identification
  • Case-Studies
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About Our Team

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Jon West - Founder & Developer

Over 10 years experience in Android & Linux development, specializing in x86/x86_64 architecture. Creator of Bliss OS (x86), Android-Generic Project, and more. Maintainer of the Waydroid-Linux distro, and developer on Android-x86 and Waydroid projects as well. 

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Clinton Baptist - Developer

Over 11 years experience in Android & Linux development with focus on mobile device architecture (ARM/ARM64). Founder of Bliss ROM, Creator of countless community guides and projects, and long standing leader in the XDA community. 

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Erfan Abdi - Developer

Expert in generic systems development for Android and Linux, and creator of Waydroid project. Over 15 years experience in Linux, and 10 years in Android, with specialties in containerization, virtualization and systems-level architecture.

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Aryan Arora - Director of Operations

Supervison and management visionary with over 5 years experience working with managing Open-Source projects and helping to manage multiple teams. 

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Huy Minh Bùi - Developer

Maintainer of Bliss OS (x86) and a number of other x86 related development projects. With over 5 years experience in Android and Linux, specializing in Android on x86 architecture. Founding member of Supreme Gamers, and Android on PC Communities as well. 

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Eric Park - Full-Stack Developer

Device Maintainer for Bliss ROM and creator of a number of full-stack projects, including Shipper. With over a decade of experience in Android & Linux. 

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Utzcoz - Development Consultant

Over 10 years experience in Android and Linux with specialties in Desktop UI and Frameworks development. Creator of Boringdroid, and co-maintainer of MaruOS and Robolectric. Also Google Open Source Peer Bonus winner 

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